The team of production technicians are trained and certified to both IPC-610 and JSTD-001, with in-house trainers supervising all work. Performing all assembly in an ESD controlled environment, Ultra ICE exceeds all industry standard to build products that perform when it matters most.

Ultra ICE has capabilities to support a wide variety of production and manufacturing technologies:

Surface Mount Assembly

Ultra ICE maintains state-of-the-art equipment technologies. Our screen printer, fully automatic placement machine, and reflow equipment shows our commitment to precise printing of surface mount assemblies. An 8 zone, top and bottom precision reflow oven ensures consistent component attachment.

For long term reliability of manufactured components, Ultra ICE uses the most advanced defluxing equipment available. Adhering strictly to IPC J-STD-001D, all assemblies are washed and tested for any contamination which may cause component or assembly failures in the field.

Circuit Assembly

SMT Assembly

  • Automatic PCB Screen Printing with board alignment and post-print solder inspection
  • Modern Placement equipment
  • 8 zone, top and bottom reflow oven
  • Aqueous Defluxing machine with full inspection for harmful board contaminants

Through Hole

  • 22 available work stations
  • Wave solder Equipment for batch production runs

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Conventional Through-hole

Ultra ICE maintains production capabilities for conventional "through-hole" assembly required to support continued production of many of our customers legacy products. Production employees are trained and skilled at hand soldering and in the overall assembly process. Additionally, our wave-solder machine can be used for higher volume and complex board assemblies. Our skilled workforce brings years of experience to our customer's products.


Every finished product is subjected to final acceptance testing. This testing usually consists of an approved functional test and in many instances may also include extensive temperature and/or burn-in testing as required. This commitment to quality gives Ultra ICE the ability to provide our customers with direct-to-stock delivery of finished product. Ultra ICE is able to offer the following production test services:

  • Functional Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Burn-In
  • Vibration
  • Insulation Resistance

Ultra ICE has flying test probe capacity, from analog testing to a full functional test.

Acceptance Testing

Ultra ICE designed Test Jigs:

Support Small and Large Production Runs Equally as Well

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